Wear Resistance Ltd are able to provide a full range of services to clients seeking long-term reliability in components exposed to abrasion and erosion.

We offer design, fabrication, hardsurfacing and testing services for new parts, as well as the refurbishment of worn components as required.


In-house design

Wear Resistance Ltd. are equipped with CAD facilities, allowing us to offer a design and manufacturing service for many types of equipment as well as supplying and fitting hardfaced components as required.

Hardfacing of components

Wear Resistance Ltd. are able to hardface a variety of steel components. We use four methods of application, Oxyacetylene, Tig and MMA for small or shaped components. Mig welding for larger shaped components and Automatic Hardfacing Machines for large areas. Contact us to see how we can help with your wear problems.

Integral countersunk bolt fixing

This unique feature, developed by Wear Resistance Ltd, allows the use of countersunk bolts to be inserted into the wear plate before application of the hardfacing. This provides the essential security of fixing which is essential for dynamic applications such as fan impellers. This also ensures a consistent surface finish to avoid preferential wear over the bolt heads which is common problem with other fixing methods.

Comprehensive workshop facility

Wear Resistance Ltd are able to offer a comprehensive new build manufacturing capability in our 20.000 sq ft workshop. This, combined with a specialist refurbishment capability backed by years of experience in a wide range of applications.

Manufacture of welding consumables

Wear Resistance Ltd. manufacture  in-house a range of Tungsten and Chromium Carbide consumables, which ensures consistency of quality and allows bespoke formulation to suit individual applications and customers specification when required.

Laboratory testing facilities

Wear Resistance Ltd are always striving for perfection and in order to achieve this, we have installed excellent facilities for carrying out testing and analysis of materials and components.